We carry American made Simplicity, German made Sebo, Cirrus commercial and other quality brands.


If your vacuum isn’t working as well as when you bought it, it is probably time for an upgrade. Many of the brands found in department stores have significantly less suction power than the models offered in our store. Find a better vacuuming experience with our premium models!

Made with solid craftsmanship, the models we sell are built to last many years to come, unlike more common brands. When normal wear and tear does occur, the models we sell won’t completely break down. We offer many different models including Ultra Lightweight, Upright, and Canister vacuum cleaners. These models are convenient and have strong suction power.

Vacuum store carrying a wide variety of vacuums, including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, and lightweight in Burnsville, MN
We have powerful 8 lb lightweight models in stock. You will love the convenience and powerful suction that these lightweight vacuums pack!

Our upright vacuums are built with solid craftsmanship. These models are convenient and the standard of most households. 
We offer many different commercial models using metal in the important places to ensure they last for years to come.

Canisters are the most versatile style of vacuums available on the market. Highly adaptable, they can clean hard floors, stairs, and all above the floor surfaces. In particular, models with an included power nozzle function as a complete cleaning system.